2015 Features

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Saving Walthamstow Marshes

The fact that Walthamstow Marshes still exist, as open land for all to enjoy, is largely a result of a successful campaign in the 1970’s – 80’s. NuSound Radio 92FM tracked down Mike Knowles who has just published an e-book recounting the campaign to stop the marsh being turned into a gravel extraction pit and marina.

Broadcast 21/05/15



Abbey Gardens

Abbey Gardens is one of East London’s hidden gems. A community gardening project based on an historic site. NuSound Radio 92FM invited Vicki Lewis along to the studio to tell us about it.

Broadcast 21/05/15



Anna Sexton

Local artist Anna Sexton is asking people to vote for a project to receive funding to host a special event at the Hackney Museum. This will involve visitors, prior to the event, submitting a recipe for their perfect Hackney supper. Then guests will be seated atop a locally excavated Anglo-Saxon log boat to receive their ‘supper’ in a way the artist chooses to interpret each recipe. Voting Closes on 16th May 8pm

Vote: http://museumsatnight.org.uk/yinka-shonibare/

Thunderclap: https://www.thunderclap.it/my/stats/26061-vote-4-yinka-hackney-museum



Edward VII Pub Stratford

John Walker from the E7 Now & Then website, came along to the NuSound Radio 92FM studio to tell us about anti-German riots that took place in Forest Gate during World War I

Broadcast 14/05/15




The music industry has historically been dominated by men. But has the introduction of new technology in music production made this a bigger issue ? NuSounTd Radio 92FM invited Gemma Whitfield from the University of East London along to the studio to tell us about the FeMMustech Project.

Broadcast 30/04/15



Grow Up Hydroponics Box

Tom Webster from Grow Up Urban Farms came along to the NuSound Radio 92FM studio to explain how he intends to turn a disused warehouse in Beckton into a Aquaponic farm.

Broadcast 23/04/15



Jane Come Home

Jane Wood is a single mother who was evicted by Newham Council from her Stratford home. Supported by the Focus E15 housing campaign she has now ben re-housed.

Broadcast 23/04/15

Pete Westley and Debbie Griggs are residents of properties currently managed by the Community Based Housing Association. They came along to the NuSound Radio 92FM studio to tell us about proposals for what they see as a takeover by the Peabody Housing Association.

Broadcast 16/04/15



Come Home Jane

Jane Wood was evicted from her flat by Newham Council for non payment of rent after her Housing Benefit was suspended following a “Work Capability Assessment”. Supported by the Focus E15 Housing Campaign she re-occupied the flat she was evicted from a few weeks earlier.

Broadcast 16/04/15



Regeneration - Community Links

Over the last few decades, there have been numerous “regeneration” programmes in East London. Although large areas of East London look like a building site, have local people benefited from all this ? NuSound Radio invited Liam Crosby from the Newham based charity Community Links to look at these issues.

Broadcast 09/04/15



Whipps X Hospital

The Care Quality Commission recently placed Whipps Cross Hospital into “Special Measures” following a damming report on the provision of some of its services and the way that the hospital has been managed.

Broadcast 02/04/15



Hot cross bun

The Widows Son pub in Bow, hosts a special event every Good Friday involving the Royal Navy placing a hot cross bun in a basket above the bar. NuSound Radio 92FM went along to find out about this ancient tradition.

Broadcast 02/04/15



WHU - Friends of Queens Mkt

West Ham Football Club will shortly be moving out of the Boleyn Stadium and relocating to the Olympic Stadium. Having already sold the current ground, planning proposals have been submitted to Newham Council. NuSound Radio 92FM invited Karen Harris and Pauline Rowe from the Friends of Queens Market along to the studio to tell us what they thought of the proposals.

Broadcast 26/03/15



Save Upton Centre

The Upton Centre in Plaistow was closed down by Newham Council Officials in December 2014 without any warning. Users of the centre lobbied the Council Cabinet meeting that was looking into its future.

Broadcast 26/03/15



Paris Youth Group

NuSound Radio 92FM invited Jenny Millman and Briony Flemming from Aston Mansfield to talk about the Paris youth group. The group supports local young lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender people. They recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to keep the valuable work going, supported by the Clapton Ultras.

Broadcast 19/03/15


Musical Protest Against Arms Fair

Later in the year the Excel centre in Docklands will be hosting an International Arms Fair.  Local campaigners from East London Against Arms Fairs organised a musical protest against the event.

Broadcast 19/03/15


Magic Me

East London based community arts organisation Magic Me , are collecting stories from people in East London.  They plan to devise a performance based on these stories later in the year.  NuSound Radio 92FM spoke to Sue Mayo to find out more about it.

Broadcast 12 /03/15




Distilleries used to be common in East London but decades after the last one closed down, the East London Liquor Company have re-introduced the tradition.  NuSound Radio 92FM went down to an old glue factory in Bow where they were in the middle of making a batch of their famous local gin.

Broadcast 12/03/15



real ale

Pubs seem to be closing down all over East London.  Is it a problem or is it just a sign of the times ?  And can anything be done to keep pubs open ?  NuSound Radio 92FM met up with James Watson from the Campaign for Real Ale to look at these issues.

Broadcast 05/03/15



Pigeon Racing

NuSound Radio 92FM met up with the Newham Invitation Flying Club as they prepared for a weekend of pigeon racing.

Broadcast 05/03/15




Lyndsay Jones from the Friends of West Ham Park organised a stargazing event in the Park.  NuSound Radio 92FM met up with her to find out more about Astronomy and what can be seen in the light polluted sky over East London.

Broadcast 26/02/15



Fred Wigg

Residents of Fred Wigg and John Walsh Towers in Waltham Forest met up to campaign against the decision of their Council to carry out major refurbishment works on their flats, meaning they will have to leave their homes and face an uncertain future.  They are also unhappy that one of the blocks is to be sold off, meaning it will no longer be available as much needed social housing.

Broadcast 26/02/15



Spitalfields Pancake Race

NuSound Radio 92FM went along to the Great Spitalfields Pancake Race to find out more about this peculiarly British tradition.

Broadcast 19/02/15



Blackhorse & Standard Morris

Walthamstow isn’t probably the first place that comes to mind when you think morris dancers in cloggs.  NuSound radio 92FM invited the Blackhorse & Standard Morris side along to the studio to find out more.

Broadcast 19/02/15



Carpenters Estate Opt

Tawanda Nyabango is a local man who used to live on the Carpenters Estate in Stratford.  NuSound Radio 92FM invited him along to the studio to find out what he made of changes to the area since the 2012 games.

Broadcast 12/02/15



Bailiff Award Demo

Photograph – Martin Orpen

NuSound Radio 92FM Guest Reporter Neil Roberts went down to the black tie, gala British Credit Awards.  The event was attended by many leading bailiff firms.  Homeless campaigners also attended to make their voice heard about the plight of people forced from their homes because they cannot afford to pay for them.

Broadcast 12/02/15



Focus E15 - March for Homes

NuSound Radio 92FM Guest Reporter Neil Roberts went down to the March For Homes protest on a wet cold January afternoon to find out about problems faced by local people in finding decent affordable housing in East London

Broadcast 05/02/15



Kindertransport - Liverpool St Station

If you go down to Liverpool Street Station you may well see a statue commemorating the children who escaped persecution and almost certain death at the hand of the Nazi regime, by coming to Britain on the Kindertransport trains.  NuSound Radio 92FM met up with Jane Merkin whose mother was one of the children to find out more and its significance today.

Broadcast 29/01/15



West Ham - Boleyn Ground

West Ham football clubs move to the Olympic Stadium planned for 2016 will leave their current Boleyn ground empty.  What have property developers Galliard got planned for the site and what do local people make of it ?

Broadcast 29/01/15



Apple Yowling - Ferry Boat Inn

NuSound Radio 92FM went along to join in with some Apple Yowling at the Ferry Boat Inn on Forest Road.

Broadcast 22/01/15



Newham Town Hall

NuSound Radio 92FM met up with local tour guide Sue Sinton Smith.  Tours include a guided walk around East Ham

Broadcast 15/01/15



Penguin Deck Chair

Where in East London can you meet a penguin, go on a trip to the moon in a space rocket, row a boat around the North Pole and enjoy an ice cream on a beach ?  The Discover Childrens Story Centre in Stratford of course !

Broadcast 15/01/15