2012 Features

The following is a selection of features broadcast on the Thursday Community Hour on NuSound Radio 92FM during 2012:

Streethands is a new grassroots organisation in East London tackling domestic violence, homelessness and in particular its affect on children – Broadcast 20/12/12

Local elderly people meet up at Westfield Shopping Centre to keep warm and protest at fuel poverty – Broadcast 01/11/12

The Campaign Against the Arms Trade and East London Against Arms Fairs talk about the connection between the international arms trade and East London – Broadcast 13/12/12

Plans for new Thames river crossings in East London – Broadcast 13/12/12

Newham Council rejects plans for the “mega-mosque” – Broadcast 06/12/12

The Spotted Dog pub in Forest Gate is a derelict listed building that is locally known as where Henry VIII kenneled his dogs.  What is to become of it ?  – Broadcast 04/10/12

Are aircraft a problem over East London ? – Broadcast 06/12/12

St Ants Jazz Club meets up every Wednesday night and is one of Forest Gates best kept secrets ! – Broadcast 03/05/12

Holocaust Memorial Day is commemorated in Newham – Broadcast 02/02/12

The Mayor of Newham switches on the Christmas lights in Forest Gate – Broadcast 06/12/12

The Fuel Debt Project based in Canning Town – Broadcast 29/11/12

Just How clean is the air in East London ? – Broadcast 29/11/12

Des and Elton from the Newham based Voice for Dyslexic People Project – Broadcast 22/11/12 

Sarah and Paul from the Newham Voluntary Sector Consortium talk about its threatened closure – Broadcast 22/11/12

Low wages in East London and the London Living Wage.  Prof Jane Wills from Queen Mary College, University London – Broadcast 01/11/12