2013 Features

A selection of features broadcast in 2013 as part of the Thursday Community Hour on NuSound Radio 92FM are shown below:

The NuSound Radio 92FM Community Hour Radio Pete Review of 2013.  Excerpts from broadcasts throughout the year – Broadcast 02/01/14


A NuSound Radio 92FM exclusive interview with someone from East London who performed on a Christmas Hit record – Broadcast 26/12/13


Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, however a few days after after the holidays it seems to turn into a festival of waste !  Bins overflowing with discarded food and yesterdays toys and gadgets that are no longer wanted.  NuSound Radio 92FM investigates waste in East London and what shoppers at Queens Market make of it – Broadcast 19/12/13


Some local people decided to get into the Christmas spirit and dress up as Santa, elves and reindeer to hand in over 1,000 letters of objection to plans to expand London City Airport – Broadcast 19/12/13


The annual turn on of the Christmas lights at East Ham was accompanied by carols from pupils at Nelson Primary School.  NuSound Radio 92FM also took the opportunity to catch up with Sir Robin Wales, the directly elected Mayor of Newham, ans asked him what sort of year he has had. – Broadcast 12/12/13


It seems that people are becoming increasingly disillusioned with politicians and the political process itself.  Reflecting a trend up and down the country, less people in East London are voting in elections and increasingly feeling alienated from the process of government.  But can anything be done about this ?  Manor Park resident Tina Quinn came along to the NuSound Radio 92FM studios to put forward some ideas – Broadcast 12/12/13


Carers willingly give up their time to look after someone else, often a relative or close friend.  The Newham Carers Network is a valuable organisation that brings together people who often feel isolated and forgotten.  NuSound Radio 92FM invited Donna Stewart along to the studio to tell us about what its like being a carer and the work of the Newham Carers Network – Broadcast 28/11/13


It seems like every week we hear of yet another cyclist killed on the roads in East London.  Arnold Ridout from the Newham Cyclists told NuSound Radio 92FM what he saw as the main problems facing cyclists and what can be done about it – Broadcast 28/11/13


Upcoming band Sleepunder are featuring as part of a series of gigs organised by Newham Music Trust.  NuSound Radio 92FM invited some young members of the group to talk about their music and the work of the Newham Music Trust with young people in East London.  – Broadcast 21/11/13


The Young mothers living in the Focus E15 foyer accommodation in Stratford have been issued with eviction notices following a cut in funding from Newham Council.  NuSound Radio 92FM went down to Stratford to investigate – Broadcast 14/11/13


Did you ever have anything confiscated by a teacher when you were at school ? If so you may find it has become part of an exhibition at the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood – Broadcast 07/11/13


There is something shocking about the idea that in East London in the 21st Century there is a need for emergency food parcels for the poor.  Newham Food Bank provides this valuable service on a voluntary basis.  Adeola Osunbade came along to the NuSound Radio 92FM studios to explain how it works – Broadcast 14/11/13


The London International Arts Festival promises to bring an eclectic mix of musical styles and genres together – Broadcast 07/11/13


An invitation to attend a birthday party for a tunnel that is 101 years old isn’t something that happens every day.  How could NuSound Radio 92FM turn down the offer, especially when birthday cup cakes are involved – Broadcast 31/10/13


Randolph Matthews is a vocal performer who drws on influences from all over the world and still comes up with his own unique style.  He is performing at Stratford Circus on Friday 1st November – Broadcast 31/10/13


Action Village India was formed 25 years ago.  Emma McKenzie came along to the NuSound Radio 92FM studio to explain about their work – Broadcast 24/10/13


Local young people at Newham College are helping to restore the SS Robin at the Royal Victoria Dock.  Steve Brayshaw, Head of Engineering at the College came down to NuSound Radio 92FM to tell us about it – Broadcast 17/10/13


With Zombies on the loose in Stratford, NuSound Radio 92FM met up with Louis Savy from Sci-Fi London to find out what its all about – Broadcast 17/10/13


Some local people have decided to monitor air quality in East London.  NuSound Radio 92FM met up with Jenny Bates from the campaigning organisation Friends of the Earth to find out the results – Broadcast 10/10/13


The Discover Childrens Story Centre in Stratford is ten years old.  NuSound Radio 92FM invited Julia Cameron to the studio to tell us about the special birthday celebrations they have got planned – Broadcast 03/10/13


NuSound Radio 92FM went along to a guided bat walk organised by the Friends of West Ham Park to find out more about these fascinating creatures – Broadcast 03/10/13


Whilst multi-million pound plans are being discussed on future Thames road crossings, it seems that the Greenwich and Woolwich foot tunnels have been left to rot.  NuSound Radio 92FM met up with Ian Blore from the campaigning group FOGWOFT who want to see the foot tunnels that are over a hundred years old are properly maintained  – Broadcast 26/09/13


Cody Dock in Canning Town is one of East London’s little known gems.  The once derelict industrial wasteland is gradually being transformed into a space for use by local people.  NuSound Radio 92FM went down to investigate and ended up playing a giant octupus !  – Broadcast 26/09/13


The link between West Ham United football club and lifeboats isn’t exactly an obvious one.  Ian Puxley from the Thames Ironworks Trust explains – Broadcast 05/09/13


The controversial bi-annual Arms Fair returns to the Excel Centre in docklands.  But what do local people make of it – Broadcast 05/09/13


Cycling has captured the imagination of a lot of people since the success of team GB in the Olympics.  Where can you go to learn more about this sport ?  And how about people with disabilities ?  Is cycling on the rads in East London too dangerous?  Tony Harvey a keen local cyclist and Cycling Consultant came along to the NuSound Radio 92FM studio – Broadcast 05/09/13


Underneath the Canning Town Flyover was the unlikely venue for a series of special events that promise to transform the space into a village green.  NuSound Radio 92FM went down to investigate and met up with singer, songwriter and actor Kenny Lynch – Broadcast 05/09/13


There have never been so many opportunities to get into Higher Education.  The problem is where to get some advice as to how to take advantage of them.  Gail May from the University of East London explains what our local University is doing about it – Broadcast 29/08/13


Russell Akbar is a young musician and busker who has reached the final stages of the London Big Busk Competition.   He brought his guitar along to the studio for an impromptu performance – Broadcast 29/08/13


NuSound Radio met up with Satinath Siranghi who lives and works in Bhopal in India.    He explains the continuing impact of the 1984 Bhopal Disaster when thousands of people died when a chemical factory leaked toxic gas – Broadcast 27/06/13


Retired Doctor, Mary Edmondson from Newham Save Our NHS,  explains the need to protect healthcare provision in East London – Broadcast 27/06/13


To mark Recycling Week NuSound Radio 92FM invited Wast Watch onto the Community Hour to explain why recycling is important – Broadcast 20/06/13


Controversial plans to close fire stations in East London brought local firefighters and concerned local residents out onto the street. – Broadcast 20/06/13


Film maker Rob West is making a documentary about the Two Puddings pub in Stratford.  But what is it that makes the pub so special ? – Broadcast 13/06/13


Phil Lawrence Composer and musician with numerous film credits to his name and award winning singer Shahin Badar talk about their involvement with the film The Magnificent 11 – Broadcast 06/06/13


Munsur Ali the East London film maker tells NuSound Radio 92FM about the Limelight Film Awards at the Troxy – Broadcast 06/06/13


Queens Market in Upton Park is bucking the trend of many other street markets and is a lively thriving place.  It has even inspired an Art exhibition at the Rich Mix – Broadcast 30/05/13


Throughout History children have played war games, acting out in play the real life actions of the adult military.  The Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green has a new exhibition called “WarGames”.  NuSound Radio 92FM went down to investigate – Broadcast 30/05/13


With plans to close 12 fire stations in London including Bow, Silvertown and one in Hackney, NuSound Radio met up with Ron Dobson, London Fire Commissioner and Fiona Twycross from the London Fire Authority to find out what is going on – Broadcast 16/05/13


Phil Lawrence is a local musician and composer.  He has written music for several films and he talks to NuSound Radio 92FM about “The Magnificent Eleven” and the song “Is That All he Sees” taken from it (Broadcast 17/05/13)


What is epilepsy ?  Where can you find out more about it ? What should you do if someone is having a seizure ?  NuSound Radio met up with Sharmin Shajahan from the Epilepsy Society to find out – Broadcast 16/05/13


Sarah Mills from Recycle for Your Community explains how you can turn the contents of your kitchen bin into compost – Broadcast 09/05/13


When NuSound Radio 92FM heard that Stratford had been invaded by aliens, we had to track down the man responsible.  Louis Savy is Festival Director of Sci-Fi London 2013 (Broadcast 02/05/13)


Story telling and music making organised by the Friends of West Ham Park (Broadcast 02/05/13)


Ben Alonso from Richard House Childrens Hospice came down to the studio to talk about the work of the Beckton based charity and “The Quest” sponsored walk on Sunday 2nd June – Broadcast 11/04/13


The move by West Ham Football Club to the Olympic stadium has been agreed.  But what do the fans make of it ? – Broadcast 04/04/13


Elliott Taylor talks about the West Ham Battalion during the First World War and his book, “Up the Hammers” – Broadcast 04/04/13


Will Horwitz, from the Canning Town Based Community Links, guides us through the changes to the Social Security Benefits System.  Also looking at what this will mean to people in East London – Broadcast 28/03/13


Clapton Football Club have a proud history going back to 1887.  They may be a small club but the players and supporters are as passionate, if not more so, than the top Premier League Clubs – Broadcast 28/03/13


Londons sewer network dates back to Victorian times and simply cant cope with the amount of waste we now produce.  Plans to build a “super sewer” have been talked about for over a decade but have yet to be agreed.   Although in favour of the much needed sewer, people in Shadwell are not happy about a ventilation shaft planned for King Edward Memorial Park.  Local campaigners say it should be sited somewhere else and the Park has only been chose as its seen as a cheap option. – Broadcast 28/02/13


In March 1943, at the height of the Second World War, 173 people were crushed to death whilst trying to take shelter in what they thought was an air-raid.  This year is the 70th anniversary of the event.  NuSound Radio 92FM met up with survivor of the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster, Alf Morris – Broadcast 28/02/13


With people soon to move into homes in the new exclusive E20 postcode on the Olympic Park, should we forget about the past and move on or has History got something to tell us ?    Neil Fraser, author of  “Over the Border – The Other East End” looks at East London local History – Broadcast 21/02/13


In the run up to the Olympics there was a promise to increase sports participation and improve sports facilities in East London.  But does sport matter in schools or should the emphasis be on academic achievement ?   Broadcast 21/02/13


Reports that a fox attacked a small child in South London has reignited the debate on foxes.  Some people have been calling for a cull on urban foxes, whilst others say it would have little effect and we need to look at stopping people from feeding them either intentionally or unintentionally by leaving food waste lying around – Broadcast 14/02/13


Plans have been announced to build a tower block on the remains of what was Shakespeares first theatre in London.  NuSound Radio 92FM was at the excavations when the discovery was made. – Broadcast 07/02/13


Celia Hammond was a model who back in the 1960’s appeared on the cover of Vogue Magazine and mixed with rock stars.  Locally she is now known as the founder and driving force behind the Celia Hammond Trust animal welfare clinic in Canning Town.  – Broadcast 31/01/13


Holocaust Memorial Day is a time to reflect and remember the persecution and murder of six million Jews, Romanies, gays and anyone else who the Nazi German regime blamed for the worlds ills.  At a special event at Newham Town Hall local school children gave musical performances and poetry readings.  It was also attended by a number of local celebrities including David Gold, Chair of West Ham Football Club – Broadcast 31/01/13


Lyndsay Jones from the Friends of West Ham Park, explains what makes this green oasis in East London special.  Its History and also special events they organise – Broadcast 24/01/13


Plans to close 12 fire stations in London, including the ones at Bow and Silvertown has been widely criticised.   It is also being proposed to reduce capacity at Leyton, Leytonstone and Chingford Fire Stations. – Broadcast 24/01/13


The Save Lea Marshes Campaign (formerly known as the Save Leyton Marsh Campaign) opposed the building of temporary basketball training facilities on the protected land for the duration of the Olympics and Paralympic Games.  Now this is all over, do the marshes still need protecting ? – Broadcast 17/01/13


What do Newham Council and the environmental campaigning group Friends of the Earth, make of plans to build road bridges and tunnels across the River Thames in East London.  Will it bring economic prosperity to the area or will it just lead to more pollution and congestion ? – Broadcast 10/01/13


Recent surveys have shown that there has been a sharp decline in religion in Britain. The East London Humanists, what do they believe in ? Broadcast 03/01/13


Archaeologists made some unusual and rather gruesome finds during the building works at the new Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men is an exhibition at the Museum of London of what they found – Broadcast 03/01/13